For 150 years Victoria Hall has provided a comfortable, friendly place for short and long term stays by senior women. Guests are provided with accommodations, including meals and supports, for $100.per day. Lack of income or assets need not be a barrier to covering this cost. Please contact the Administrator at 902-422-3969 to discuss your options and visit details.

Whether you plan to stay a few days or a few months, Victoria Hall has all the comforts of home, in an attractive, heritage setting, bolstered by support services to assist guests in remaining as independent as possible. Like so many others over the years, you may have a reason to visit Victoria Hall.

- Are you at a distance and want to visit a relative or friend who lives at Victoria Hall? As needed, guests are provided with the same caring and supportive services available to residents, plus there’s the great convenience of being close at hand, to visit as often as they like and to easily plan and attend outside activities together.

- Whether it’s after a lengthy hospital stay or day surgery, respite guests enjoy restful and cheerful surroundings, where caring staff provide the temporary supports they need to recuperate, before returning safely home.

- When the winter seems to stretch out ahead, endlessly long, cold and a tad lonely, why not come to Victoria Hall for all the indoor, convenient living you long for? Our December festivities will especially wow and warm you. Not a snow shovel is in sight!

- Family caregivers need rest and relaxation too. Perhaps a vacation is in the plans, but while they are gone, Mum would like a home-like setting, where there’s an array of enjoyable activities and friendly neighbours, readily at hand for tea and a chat.

- It may be that you’re thinking about becoming a resident of Victoria Hall, but aren’t quite sure that life here is what you want. Come for a few days or a month and try our lifestyle on for size…you’ll soon want to call it “home”!